BLANC by Dr Clara
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Cosmetic Injectables by Dr Clara Hurst



Dr Clara Hurst BDS graduated as a dentist from King’s College London Medical and Dental School in 2005. Her interest in cosmetic procedures and facial aesthetics led to further training and study within the field of facial rejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement procedures, including training and working as a cosmeic injector at world renowned Harley Street in London.

Clara has 14 years hands on experience in anti wrinkle and facial sculpting treatments. As the advances in non surgical injectable treatments continue, she regularly attends training courses and seminars to keep abreast of the latest techniques, products, procedures and trends.

She is passionate about all aspects of facial aesthetics but particularly enjoys advanced techniques in facial sculpting and profile balancing treatments. She often uses a combination of treatments to achieve the best aesthetic outcome.

Clara prides herself in achieving very natural results for her patients and believes that in most cases a conservative treatment approach is the best way to achieve her signature "untouched" and refreshed look.

Dr Hurst is also a trainer and educator for Dermamedical Australia and trains doctors, dentists and nurses in the latest non-surgical cosmetic enhancement techniques.

Wrinkle Relaxers +

Facial lines and wrinkles can create a tired or stressed appearance. It's possible to ease these by relaxing the underlying muscle giving the face a more relaxed and pleasant appearance.

The aim is a natural relaxed look rather than a startled one. This treatment is extraordinarily safe. Millions of people have been treated and had excellent results. Side effects are minimal and rare. The procedue takes minutes to have done and there's no down time.

Dermal Fillers +

As time passes, our skin loses its youthful suppleness and elasticity. Lines begin to appear and over time, they become deeper and more noticeable. There is a natural way to restore your appearance - without resorting to surgery. Dr Hurst uses a new generation of filler to correct lines and give more volume to lips, cheeks or the outlines of the face. It is a particularly soft gel that feels natural and smooth and has the added benefit of containing a local anaesthetic.

Facial Sculpting and Profile Balancing +

A balanced facial profile constitutes the foundation of an attractive face. Profile balancing is fast becoming a popular treatment and is defined as several different non-surgical procedures, being used in combination, to balance the features of an individual (and especially in profile).

It is possible to rejuvenate, shape, proportion and lift the face by making subtle yet significant changes to correct minor imbalances between the nose, chin, cheeks, brows or lips without the need for surgery.

Generally, non-surgical facial sculpting falls into two categories:

  • Rejuvenation – This is when fillers are used to replace lost volume and return the face to a previous more youthful state.

  • Enhancement – This is used to enhance areas of the face such as the cheeks, nose, tear troughs or lips to balance the facial shape. Dermal fillers can be used for beautification of the face through improving facial proportions. We can easily create a more defined and contoured look by adding small amounts of dermal filler in the correct places.

Jaw squareness can also be reduced with anti-wrinkle injections to achieve a significantly slimmer face. Additionally, we can tighten the skin by various methods including radio frequency, fractional resurfacing and skin needling.


We can beautify and contour the lower face to create a slimmer, more feminine jaw.

Some patients have very active jaw muscles that give their face a very square shape. These are called the masseter muscles and are located at the angle of the jaw. They are the main muscles used for chewing and biting. Injecting wrinkle relaxers into these muscles can reduce their size and give the square face a much more tapered or oval appearance.

Many patients who grind their teeth can suffer from migraines, pain, tenderness and temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) problems, headaches, earache, facial pain and broken teeth. Injecting wrinkle relaxers into the masseter muscle provides instant relief. Patients also see a dramatic change in the overall shape of their face. The square, severe appearance of their lower face softens into a more normal and aesthetically pleasing jaw line.