BLANC by Dr Clara



Blanc is a tranquil and private skin clinic in the heart of Cottesloe, widely appreciated for our emphasis on clinical skincare and advanced technologies.

Not only does the setting feel like a relaxing skin heaven, our treatments only utilize the best cutting-edge products, techniques and technology, ultimately delivering the radiant and instantly noticeable results we all dream of.

The clinic is led by Dr Clara Hurst who is a cosmetic injector with 14 years of experience, is internationally trained and recognised and widely appreciated and loved by her clients for her signature “untouched look”.

Cosmetic Nurse Christy has been a registered nurse for over 10 years working in operating theatres and in the cosmetic industry. Christy is highly experienced in wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, profile balancing, fat dissolving and PRP and offers very convenient after hours appointments, including Monday evening and alternate Saturdays.

Gemma and Larni make up our dermal therapy team. With 30 years combined industry experience, you can rest assured you are in the very best hands! With astute knowledge and experience pertaining to skin troubles like acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea; our therapists will put together an effective treatment plan to suit you and ensure you achieve your skin goals. All our treatments and facials feature maximum customization based on each client's individual concerns.

We not only treat the unique needs of our clients' skin through our clinical facials and advanced dermal therapy treatments, but afterward, we'll also take the time to walk you through our prescribed at-home regimen so you're able to maintain your glow in between appointments.